Another lesson on the bottom line

March 5 Weather

A quick story…I was working from home on slides for a presentation this afternoon. As I got ready to head to campus, my phone alerted me to a text message from a co-worker:

This state needs to invest in trucks. And salt. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow!

It took a minute, but I finally figured out the campus was closing because of winter weather. (AGAIN….sigh)

I thought it was odd that I hadn’t seen the customary email announcement.  Then I remembered I had just deleted an email about a “winter weather advisory.” I recovered it from my Trash folder and edited the bottom line placement as recommended by research–and (un)common sense.

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Happy Thursday from Tuscaloosa, where we have icy roads today after 80 degree temperatures yesterday!

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  1. How true. I just received this email from one of my 5:00 class students:

    Did the University cancel classes tonight? The email that was sent out was not clear and I want to clarify it.

    I think I’ll send my own message out, with the bottom line at the top, where it belongs!


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