Pros know readers are document users

I am working on a brief video tutorial on format for tomorrow’s post based on a chapter in Revising Professional Writing. Each of my tutorials refers to a one-page workplace document (or an excerpt from a longer document). Because video degrades the quality of the print in those document pages, my plan is to post them here the day before I post the video.

So here is a page from the revised Technology Consultant’s Report  referred to in the video tutorial on format. It is based on a sample from David A. McMurrey’s Online Technical Writing textbook (  But it has been adapted specifically to help amateurs understand how pros use format in workplace documents. A few details about the context of the document:

  • Writer: a technology consultant
  • Readers: managers for the client, a brewing company
  • Bottom line message: a specific product is recommended for the company’s use

The original document version can be viewed here. (Please don’t blame David for this awful document. Remember–I created it as a teaching tool!)

Stay tuned . . .

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