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A terrific test for assessing a job candidate’s writing skill

typingA few days ago, Lee Salz published Help! My salespeople can’t write! He notes that writing skill has become critical because business-to-business selling involves lots of emails and electronic documents, where face-to-face and phone conversations used to prevail. Salz summarizes a test for assessing a job candidate’s writing skills that is worth sharing.

As a final step of the candidate evaluation process, ask this question: “Please provide us with a one-page plan, one page and only one page, in which you share with us how you will make yourself successful in the role. When can you have this prepared for us?”

Salz says he uses the document produced by the candidate to assess writing skills, as well as several other indicators of success: how well the candidate understands the role he/she would play and whether he/she can meet a self-imposed deadline.

Good stuff!

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