Thinking and Interacting Like a Leader ebook released today

e978-0-9767180-7-9The 2nd edition of Thinking and Interacting Like a Leader: The TILL System for Leadership Communication is now available as an ebook on Google Play. The book is a concise guide to help current and future managers become better leaders by building their personal power.

In a nutshell, the TILL system teaches you to manage tone when you manage people. Its focus is deliberately not media specific. But I plan to create a few relevant posts about writing here on Pros Write this fall while using the TILL ebook in my course on leadership communication. (Yes, I do have a day job.) There have been a few guest posts here by terrific former students in that course. In fact, the material in the ebook grew out of my experiences teaching them about the role of language in leadership.

Details for instructors/coaches:

  • 12 chapters with two in-depth application exercises per chapter––one analyzed for students, the other for practice, homework, or quizzes
  • extensive analysis of memos, emails, letters, performance evaluations, and leader-member conversations
  • answers to selected exercises
  • annotated bibliography and suggested readings at the end of each chapter
  • equivalent to ~200 pages
  • $29.99 list price (currently $16.19 USD at Google Play)
  • ISBN 978-0-9767180-7-9

One of the great things about ebooks is that you can read a sample without buying. The 1st two chapters of TILL are available free on Google Play. Thanks to Frank and Kathy at Parlay Press for making it happen.

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    1. Hi, John! We did a lot of research before deciding on Google Play. From both the author side and the reader side, it was the best.

      I use iBooks, Kindle, and Google Play on my Apple products (MacBook, iPad & iPhone). I actually prefer Google Play. It’s more responsive to swiping, has plenty of options for bookmarking, dictionary, etc., and usually has the lowest price for the same ebook. Check out the reviews at

      Hope all’s well with you!

  1. Hi Kim,
    I wanted to get hold of this book for the university library but it is not possible for it to be purchased for library use. Have you got it out in any other format or other platform?

    1. Hello, Erika. Thanks for your interest in my work. You can still order a print copy of the 1st edition (contact the publisher at mail(at)parlaypress(dot)com. I’m sorry to say the 2nd edition is not available elsewhere at this point. Can your library purchase ebooks on other platforms?

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