Using TEDEd lessons to learn about plain language

TEDEdTEDEd brings us short lessons on many subjects. There are currently eight lessons in the TEDEd Playing with Language series. That’s where I found one called How did English Evolve that explains why some words are less “plain” than others. So I flipped it to create my own lesson related to plain language. (It’s a very simple process.) Follow the link to watch the TEDEd video lesson, answer some questions, and then dig more deeply into what this means for those who want to be successful writers in the workplace.

I’ll be looking for other TedEd lessons of relevance for workplace writers. I’m not pleased that they provide no credentials for the educators creating the videos. I don’t think there are any major content problems with How did English Evolve although a few YouTube viewers quibbled about the simplistic history offered. There is a potential for more entertainment than education. But I’m cautiously optimistic.

Here’s an intro to TEDEd for the uninitiated.

Please share with us if you flip one of their lessons! Or have other thoughts about TEDEd.

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