The video tutorial on persuasive prose

To influence people at work, you’ll need to earn their trust (ethos) and make good arguments (logos).  See yesterday’s post for more on these rhetorical terms.

Evidence is the cornerstone of effective arguments. Not all evidence is equal, of course. The video tutorial I’m posting today focuses on the use of evidence, as well as several other aspects of persuasive prose in workplace writing. My goal is to provide amateurs with a succinct guide to the essentials of writing persuasively.

This content is not easy to grasp. Although this tutorial follows my rule for length (it’s less than 12 minutes), you’ll have to pause and read at several points in order to follow the material if you don’t have a copy of Revising Professional Writing.  You can get a copy of the original and revised excerpts from the business plan referred to in the tutorial by checking out the “Docs” page.

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