Why I prefer watching something other than a newscast


To celebrate my birthday with Pros Write readers, I thought I’d share some of the OTHER interesting things that have happened on March 28.  On this date in 1960, when I was born, Time magazine’s cover was devoted to Jacques Cousteau. And a scotch factory in Glasgow exploded, burying 20 fire fighters.

It gets worse if you look into events on March 28 in other years. On my 4th birthday, the western area of my home state of Nebraska experienced its most severe earthquake. In 1941, Virginia Woolf drowned herself in the river near her home on this date. On the upside, August “Gussie” Anheuser Busch, Jr., the brewer who built the Anheuser-Busch Companies, was born in 1899. But Lady Gaga was also born on this date in 1986.

And, finally, the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster took place on this date in 1979 when I turned what was then the legal drinking age of 19. This video from History.com summarizes the “big” news for March 28 in history: Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island (last visited Mar 28, 2013).

No wonder I don’t watch the news. How depressing. I won’t start watching tonight. Instead, I’ll have a nice glass of wine and watch the sunset over Lake Tuscaloosa with my hubby.


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