Kitty, ABC, and beautiful locations

Because I am busy preparing the Culverhouse College accreditation documentation for AACSB right now, I couldn’t travel to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii to join the Association for Business Communication (ABC) for the annual convention this week. I am especially sad about this because I am being honored as the winner of the Kitty O. Locker Outstanding Researcher Award. I will address the convention in a speech next year in New Orleans, but I have recorded a one-minute message to share with my ABC colleagues at the announcement on Friday so I could mention people who supported me.

What you see playing in the background is a marvelous video of the University of Alabama campus. Many of you have seen Bryant-Denny Stadium on TV when our football team plays. But, if you’ve never visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you’ve never seen how beautiful our campus is. The original video is way better because I had to edit out the music to create my message. In less than 2 and a half minutes, I guarantee you’ll feel happier for having viewed the original. Not a bad way to take a mid-week break. Especially if you couldn’t be on Waikiki Beach.

If it entices y’all to visit, give me a shout!

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