Bama students are #1 in more than football


Bama is known for its success in football, winning another national championship last night. That’s two in a row and 15 total (depending on who is counting). What is less well known outside of the Deep South, is that there were other national championship teams on our campus in 2012: softball, women’s golf, and women’s gymnastics — also for the second year in a row.

What’s even less well known about Bama student team successes in 2012? The fact that center Barrett Jones, a masters student in accounting, was named the winner of the 2012 William V. Campbell Trophy, which recognizes the best scholar-athlete in the nation. Plus, all 21 University varsity athletic teams scored well above the national cutoff standard of 925 in the latest Academic Progress Rate monitored by the NCAA. And, of course, the non-athletic winners. Like the top prize  at the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral won by our students (with others from nearby Shelton State Community College).

But here’s the success I most want to share with those of you who know little about the University of Alabama except for football. Our volunteer students, working through our Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility, have earned the state the #1 ranking in the US for diagnosing and addressing vision problems in pre-school children. The video tells the story.

There was much in 2012 to be proud of when it comes to students at Bama, and most of it happened off the football field.

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