Pros use graphs ethically

Whew! The beginning of the academic year has kept me fully occupied this past week. I wanted to take time to share a few good discussions I’ve been reading about constructing graphs. Check out Nigel Lewis at Capgemini’s Business Analytic’s blog for some good examples of scale issues (as discussed in my Video Tutorial on Graphics). And Naomi Robbins at Forbes wrote about the use (or omission) of zero on graphic scales yesterday.

If you’re looking for more substantial help, I encourage you to check out Jean-luc Doumont’s upcoming webinar Conveying Messages with Graphs on Wednesday, 12 September from 1:30-3:00 PM EDT (GMT-4). This one is sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication and is very affordable at only $30 for non-members. Jean-luc is a wonderful presenter and writer. And a terrific guy, too!

More tomorrow . . .

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