Everybody loves show and tell. Check out this monthly event in Brooklyn. Sadly, the workplace equivalent of “showing” typically consists of PowerPoint slides filled with text. That’s tell and tell rather than show and tell. Everybody complains about PowerPoint. A Google search showed that “Death by PowerPoint” appeared 11,100 times in newly created web content in the past week. Geez! That might qualify as an epidemic.

There are certainly other software options for workplace presenters. I like Prezi because it forces me to be visual rather than verbal. (It’s a struggle since words are my passion.) But it’s overly simplistic to blame software for a presenter’s lack of skill in using it to show the audience something meaningful and interesting. Gavin, the author of Show is better than Tell

is a PowerPoint obsessive, who has managed to figure out a way to use PowerPoint to communicate and message very effectively.

Gavin’s blog demonstrates what he’s preaching. It’s visually fun without being frivolous. Check it out.