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The brain trust at CNBC just published this little fluff piece about the least stressful jobs for 2013 and of course the least stressful job was being a university professor. Their rationale? There are no physical demands, no deadlines, no environmental condition hazards, we don’t put our lives on the line, nor are we responsible for other peoples’ lives. I will grant that we’re not crab fishing on the Bering Sea nor making command and control decisions on the front lines of a military conflict; however, this feeds the myth that being a professor in the US is like living in a plush ivory tower disconnected from the world — holding class like we’ve all seen in the movies. It’s also easier to dismiss us in a whole lot of different ways when this myth is perpetuated.

Let’s cut through the BS — being a professor in the US for…

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  1. They got to be kidding. “No deadlines”? My professors seem to have deadlines to meet.

    And don’t tell the professors over in the studio courses (those who need to operate heavy machinery and/or hazardous substances) that there are no environmental hazards. In any art setting one of the first things you get told is always “safety.”

    And we’ve not even touched science or engineering yet.

    Those guys at CNBC are absolutely clueless.

      1. Wow, this sheds an entirely new light on the credibility of those career sites. If even a student like me can see that the article is almost 100% fact free and yet they published it as if it were a neutral, objective article, I wonder whether we can believe anything on those sites. We’re not even talking about taking them with a grain of salt here…

  2. Preach it, sister! I love the points you make here (and the way that you make them). When I posted my blog post on this Forbes article http://wp.me/p2VVAw-Y, I didn’t expect to meet a colleague at the same university who was also a blogger and would address this topic. Nice to “meet” you.

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