About the grammar quiz in the WSJ article

A less-than-polite response to the Wall Street Journal’s grammar quiz from the linguist behind Real Grammar.

 It’s the usual mish-mash of zombie rules, shibboleths and prejudices. Half of the questions are not about grammar at all, but about spelling and punctuation. Two fail to acknowledge a difference between British and American English usage. Three are based on false ideas about which words can introduce relative clauses. And, inevitably, there are the misguided questions about between versus among, less versus fewer and I in object position or following a preposition.

1 thought on “About the grammar quiz in the WSJ article

  1. Parker – Hilton Head Island

    If you’re interested in the origins of some of these “zombie rules” and the reasoning behind them, see Chapter 3 of Parker & Riley’s “Grammar for Grammarians” (2005), Chicago: Parlay Press.


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